The deep grooves and fissures that are commonly found on an individual’s back teeth are some of the most optimal breeding grounds for harmful oral bacteria. In fact, nearly 75 percent of all tooth decay is found in these locations. Because of this risk, many people choose to protect this vulnerable area of the mouth by receiving dental sealants. This treatment method is designed to block bacteria and acids from accessing teeth and causing damage. Sealants also smooth out the rough outer surfaces of teeth and make them significantly easier to clean and maintain.

Consisting of a thin layer of acrylic that is painted over the surface of the back teeth, sealants establish an effective barrier against oral bacteria and acids. Once applied, sealants protect the teeth, and they make damage much less likely to occur. In addition to blocking off bacteria and acids, sealants also smooth out any rough surfaces that are present, making the upkeep of teeth much easier. This is beneficial because of the fact that a person’s rear molars can be difficult to reach, even when correct brushing and flossing techniques are used. In fact, many patients who receive dental sealants are children and teenagers who are still developing proper oral care practices.

Apply Dental Sealants

Dental sealants can be applied in a quick and easy process that only requires a couple of minutes per tooth. It is very common to receive dental sealants during a regular checkup for convenience purposes. The process of applying sealants starts by drying any tooth that is designated for sealing. Then, an etching gel is applied to the teeth as a way of roughening their outer surfaces. This will allow the sealant coating material to bond with the teeth more easily.

Once the teeth are prepped, acrylic sealant is then carefully painted onto the surface of the teeth and allowed to fully dry. At the end of the procedure, we will make sure that all of the deep grooves and fissures have been completely sealed off. With proper maintenance, sealants should remain intact for up to ten years.

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